# From Maker to Manager The iterative process of becoming a manager
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### Most people don't start in management

Top Two Reasons for Managerial Promotion

  • Successful in Previous non-managerial role
  • Tenure/Experience in the company or field

1 in 10 people natraully posess managerial talents

1 in 10 people natraully posess managerial talents

Time to learn the stats…

Leave due to a manager
Managers missing key skills

What do employees want in their managers?

  • Feel they can talk about non-work issues
  • Can approach their manager with any type of question
  • Helps them set work priorities
  • Helps set performance goals
  • Focuses on strengths and positive characteristics

What can we do to achieve these things?

Learn what drives each individual

  • Compenstation
  • Challenges
  • Family time
  • Travel
  • Public Visibility
  • Mentoring

Schedule and keep frequent one-on-one meetings with each employee

  • Put them on a recurring schedule
  • Never miss a schedule
  • Encourge them to come with an agenda
  • Leave time between mettings to prepare
  • Allow for general conversation about life
  • Don't use it as a status meeting

Create a professional development plan based off their goals

  • Attend Conferences
  • Courses
  • Certifications
  • Learn a new skill
  • Encourage and ask about progress
  • Be ready to assist and enable them

Assign tasks to strengths when possible

  • Gives people a sense of ownership
  • Nobody likes to fail
  • Keeps their 'trust'
  • Use 'learning opportunities' with discretion

Managers should…

Recognize your attitude and policies drive culture

Make themselves accessible and approachable

Share the experience with other managers

Be honest and transparent

Communicate Asynchronously

Make decisions in a place all parties can give input

Still have meetings

The problem isn't the meeting itself, but an unfocused meeting

Some things to avoid

Avoid asking "Do you have a minute to chat?"

Avoid assuming your own preferences are shared

Avoid being the first to share your opinion on a discussion

Start with taking care of yourself

You cannot drink from an empty cup

  • Schedule focus times on your calendar
  • Make your own professional goals
  • Read books to fill in your talent gaps
  • Know your limits

My favorite read/listens

  • The Manager's Path by Camile Fournier
  • Switch by Chip & Dan Heath
  • Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott

What is your new 'productive'?

How do you measure your productivity without contributing?

  • Measure your teams productivity
  • Identify areas blocking your team and clear them
  • Maintaining culture and morale


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  • Angela Riggs: https://angelariggs.github.io/articles/advice-for-new-managers
  • Background Photo by Riccardo Pelati on Unsplash
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